Fast & Reliable

Temperature Thermometer

Liquid Crystal Temperature Monitoring

Our liquid crystal temperature thermometers provide core

temperatures quickly and easily.

When body temperatures begin to rise, you need to take quick, decisive action. Our expertise in liquid crystal technology answers

the challenge with quality, FDA-registered temperature thermometers.

Build cost-effective pandemic kits using our Class 2 medical devices. During any illness

outbreak, our temperature thermometers provide a critical first line of defense. Early fever detection

not only helps prevent the spread of illnesses, but it also ensures faster treatment.


Our cost effective thermometers are a smart choice for hospitals, businesses, and institutions.

Oral Thermometers – Coming soon

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Our temperature thermometers offer a fast way to monitor core body temperatures and take prompt

preventive action. You can obtain temperature in about 15 seconds. It’s simply a matter of watching

the liquid crystal display until the colors stop changing. And since you can take temperatures non-invasively,

the temperature thermometers are ideal for use with children and surgery center patients.